Guide The Night Offices: Prayers for the Hours from Sunset to Sunrise

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Monasteries generally serve the entire cycle of services.

Some cathedrals do, as well. Most parishes do not. In some cases it is combined with Vespers.

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The service of Typika is related to the Divine Liturgy and is often celebrated on days the Divine Liturgy is not appointed. The services of the Daily Cycle are usually contained in a bound collection called the Book of Hours , also known as the Horologion Greek or Chasoslov Slavonic.

2 HOUR House Cleansing & Blessing PRAYER

Although each service of the Daily Cycle has a particular time traditionally associated with it, in current practice the services are more commonly served together in one of three aggregations. On days when Great Compline is appointed e.

Vespers is shifted to the Midday Aggregate. It is an ancient custom, practiced to this day on Mount Athos and in many monasteries, for everyone present at the end of Compline to venerate the Relics and Icons in the church, and receive the priest's blessing. The Midnight Office originated as a purely monastic devotion inspired by Psalm , "At midnight I arose to give thanks unto You because of the judgments of Your righteousness," and also by the Gospel parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins Matthew Concerning the Midnight Office, Saint Mark of Ephesus says: "The beginning of all the hymns and prayers to God is the time of the midnight prayer.

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For, rising from sleep for it, we signify the transportation from the life of the deceit of darkness to the life which is, according to Christ, free and bright, with which we begin to worship God. For it is written, "The people who sat in darkness saw a great light" Isaiah The general tone of the office is one of penitence, tempered by an attitude of hopeful expectation. The morning service of the Church is called Matins or Orthros.

It opens with the reading of six morning psalms and the intoning of the Great Litany. After this, verses of Psalm are chanted: "God is the Lord and has revealed Himself unto us.

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Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord. On major Feast Days and on Sundays, the Gospel is also read. After the Gospel reading there is a long intercessory prayer followed by a set of hymns and readings called the Canon. These songs are based on the Old Testament canticles and conclude with hymns honoring the Theotokos. Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights. To you, O God, is due praise.

A practical guide to visiting Jordan during Ramadan

The themes of God's revelation and light are also always central to the morning service of the Church. These "hours" conform generally to the hours of six and nine in the morning, noon, and three in the afternoon. The services consist mostly of psalms which are generally related to the events in the Passion of Christ which took place at that particular hour of the day. The Troparia of the given day or of the feast being celebrated are added to the Hours. During the first days of Holy Week as well as on certain major feasts, the Gospel is also read during the Hours.

You are not expected to bring a dish or gift, but desserts — such as qatayef a nut or cream-filled sweet dumpling or kunafeh a Palestinian pastry made with cheese and sprinkled with pistachios and syrup — are always welcome at family gatherings. It depends. The short answer: the ninth lunar month. Historically, the first day was determined by the first sighting of the sliver of crescent moon.

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Some Muslims stick to this tradition while others now rely on scientific calculations to predict the exact date. To see whether the month of Ramadan and your trip to Jordan overlap, you can run a search online for Ramadan and the year you are travelling. Any search engine will deliver approximate dates, and you can plan accordingly. Get more travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter. Sunny Fitzgerald. A practical guide to visiting Jordan during Ramadan.

Canonical hours

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